Tuesday, 17 July 2012

The slow ball is definitely rolling!

My patience has paid off and 4 out of the 8 hotels have now replied. I'd like to take this opportunity to give the following Cookbookers a big tasty shout out......

Wanderlust Hotel, Singapore www.wanderlusthotel.com - your enthusiasm has been great, along with your retweets!

Room at Bangkok www.roomatbangkok.com - and now Room at Bali too!

Clink78, London www.clinkhostels.com - I had to get a reply from my hometown!

The Nunnery, Melbourne www.nunnery.com.au - congrats on being the first to return my mail!

It's slowly but surely coming together and with each tweet, each Facebook 'like' and each blog update I feel that maybe, just maybe, this might work!

Thursday, 12 July 2012

Patience is a virtue

Ok, so checking my inbox every 10 minutes doesn’t necessarily mean an email will miraculously appear. Note to self: need to work on patience. I really would like to receive one reply from a hotel though, so I’m giving myself until Sunday before sending a little friendly reminder.

In order for this project to work I need hotels that are willing to receive the initial blank books. They can add the first food idea if they want, or words of worldly gastronomic wisdom, or failing that just sit back and wait for someone to come and take it off their hands. If it’s on display and people see and read about it then hopefully it will be taken and its journey can begin. I’ve selected 8 of the best that seem to capture creativity, fun and imagination therefore hopefully they will also see this reflected in my idea and help propel it onwards. Until these hotels agree though, I will have to rest on my laurels and patiently wait.

Right, now let me just go and check my inbox once more…….

Monday, 9 July 2012


8 empty books, sent to 8 destinations, poised to create the world story of food told by its travellers.  

Have you stumbled across a foodie find, a revealing restaurant, a back alley banquet? Or maybe you've tucked into something you wish you hadn’t. It all tells a story. It’s your story and your world. We need people like you to pick up a book, write about the local recipes you’ve tried, the ingredients you’ve seen, the cooking methods that have inspired and the flavours you’ve loved. Doodles, stickers and spillages all add to the authenticity of the book so don’t be scared, pick it up and give it a whirl. Imagine what could be possible.

Will you be near London, Melbourne, San Francisco, Buenos Aires, Bangkok, Singapore or Goa in August? Are you interested in being a part of this project and ultimately being recognised as a contributor to the world’s first truly travelling cookbook? I need people on board who are genuinely inspired by the Our Travelling Cookbook concept and can understand the potential for this exciting project. Once you have had your say you would then be responsible for passing it on. This could be to friends you meet along the way, travellers who read about the concept through this blog or on our Facebook and Twitter pages or failing that it can be dropped off at one of many participating hostels.

Some may say this is ambitious, unreliable and unmanageable whereas I say it’s inspiring, original and exciting. As well as food being at the heart of this project so is the travelling world out there. The success of Our Travelling Cookbook relies on the individuals that hop on board and create a page or 2 from their world. They need to pass it on and spread the word. It may stall, it may vanish for a while but hopefully with some good will, some inspired and enquiring minds and a healthy dose of tasty food, the travelling world out there will help it on its way and eventually home to me.

Be inspired
Pick it up
Take it with you
Add some words
......and maybe a doodle
Add you name & nationality
Pass it on
Keep in touch via our Facebook and Twitter pages
Watch it's progress
Celebrate the outcome of what you have created