Thursday, 12 July 2012

Patience is a virtue

Ok, so checking my inbox every 10 minutes doesn’t necessarily mean an email will miraculously appear. Note to self: need to work on patience. I really would like to receive one reply from a hotel though, so I’m giving myself until Sunday before sending a little friendly reminder.

In order for this project to work I need hotels that are willing to receive the initial blank books. They can add the first food idea if they want, or words of worldly gastronomic wisdom, or failing that just sit back and wait for someone to come and take it off their hands. If it’s on display and people see and read about it then hopefully it will be taken and its journey can begin. I’ve selected 8 of the best that seem to capture creativity, fun and imagination therefore hopefully they will also see this reflected in my idea and help propel it onwards. Until these hotels agree though, I will have to rest on my laurels and patiently wait.

Right, now let me just go and check my inbox once more…….

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