Friday, 17 August 2012

Calling on Salvador

It seemed relatively easy to entice Europe, Asia, Africa and Australasia on board therefore I am stumped as to why I have hit a stumbling block with the Americas. Firstly there was San Francisco, a laid back culinary city whose love of clam chowder and sourdough had me licking my lips from the moment I stepped off the plane, but nothing. After persevering I moved onto LA, slightly more tricky with choices seemingly reserved for either high end chain hotels or budget motels, still nothing though. Ah ha, I shall move further south and into tropical climes I thought, Mexico and Tulum was to be my next attempt. Once again nothing as was the case with Lima and Cusco. Now I am hanging my hopes on the carnival town of Salvador in the north of Brazil. There's still time for one of the above to come back to me, afterall maybe the hot tropical heat has sent them delirious or they have been temporarily abducted by aliens. Surely it can't be because they don't want to be a part of it.....could it?

Come on the Americas, you're my only missing link!

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