Thursday, 2 August 2012

Waiting on America

So Villa Rivercat in Goa and Paje by Night in Zanzibar are the latest 2 hotels to join forces with Our Travelling Cookbook, all I need now is the USA and South Amercia who are both proving rather elusive! I'm still grafting away though and hopefully my determination will pay off and they'll give in!

Initially I'd said the 10th August was going to be the official launch date, however with the above delay in contacting the America's and the later season in Goa meaning Villa Rivercat won't be open for business until September I'm going to postpone the launch. Early September it will be so keep your eyes peeled. There's a couple of other things up my sleeve too which may very well increase this blogs viewing numbers and hopefully make the Cookbook more of a success.

So, sit back, wait for the next update and spread the word my Cookbookers!

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